Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Audrina Patridge Maxim outtakes!

Audrina Patridge is bikini sexy on the cover of Maxim!

Megan Fox is a very Naughty Cheerleader!

Megan Fox is hot as a naughty cheerleader in her new Movie "Jennifer's Body" which is a flop by Hollywood standard.


Friday, September 18, 2009

National TV Ratings Sept. 16:"May Bukas Pa" and "Tayong Dalawa" shares lead!

Tayong Dalawa and May Bukas Pa is tie at #1 with a rating of 39.2% and Darna manage to stay on the #4 spot.

Here are the comparative ratings of ABS-CBN and GMA-7 programs from September 16, based on the overnight ratings of Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) among National households.

September 16, Wednesday:

News Patrol 5.8% vs. Hunter X Hunter 12.3%;
Ruffa and Ai 6.9% vs. SiS 5.5%;
Game Ka Na Ba? 13.5% vs. Last Romance 9.9%;
Wowowee 23.7% vs Eat Bulaga 16.7%;
Kambal sa Uma 23.2% vs. Daisy Siete 13.2%;
Maria de Jesus 17.4% vs. Ngayon at Kailanman 16.1%;
Mr. Bean Live! 12.1% vs Kung Aagawin Mo ang Lahat sa Akin 18.3%;
Miss No Good 13.2% vs. Game About Love 7.5%;
Precious Hearts 18.5% vs. Hole In The Wall 9.3%;

Katorse 33.3% vs. All My Life 13.1%;
TV Patrol World 37.3% vs. 24 Oras 23.6%;
May Bukas Pa 39.2% vs. Darna 30.6%;
Tayong Dalawa 39.2% vs. Stairway to Heaven 24.3%;
Dahil May Isang Ikaw 30.3% vs. Rosalinda 21.6%;
Florinda 18.3% vs. Survivor Philippines 19.2%;
Showbiz News Ngayon 11.9% vs. Shining Inheritance 10.6%;
Bandila 7.1% vs. Wow Hayop 7.1%.

Mega Manila TV Ratings Sept. 16:"Darna" rules, but rating is the lowest so far!

Darna still rules primetime but the audience share Mega manila households is at its lowest at 36.7%, Stairway To Heaven manage to beat the competition with mre than 1% audience share and Eat Bulaga rules daytime viewership.

Here are the comparative TV ratings of ABS-CBN and GMA-7 programs from September 16, based on the overnight ratings of AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households:

September 16, Wednesday:

SiS 5.1% vs. Ruffa and Ai 4.5%;
Last Romance 9.8% vs. Game Ka Na Ba 10.5%;
Eat Bulaga 22.9% vs. Wowowee 15.8%;
Daisy Siete 17.4% vs. Kambal sa Uma 15.4%;
Ngayon at Kailanman 21.7% vs. Maria de Jesus 11.9%;
Kung Aagawin Mo ang Lahat sa Akin 23.1% vs. Mr. Bean 7.4%;
Hole in the Wall 11.2% vs. Precious Hearts 11.4%;

All My Life 18% vs. Katorse 21%;
24 Oras 30.1% vs. TV Patrol 29.2%;
Darna 36.7% vs. May Bukas Pa 28.7%;
Stairway to Heaven 32.1% vs. Tayong Dalawa 30.5%;
Rosalinda 30% vs. Dahil May Isang Ikaw 29.3%;
Survivor Philippines: Palau 24.8% vs. Florinda 18.6%;
Shining Inheritance 17% vs. Showbiz News Ngayon 13.9%;
Wow Hayop 11.5% vs. Bandila 9.6%.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mischa Barton is on the cover of FHM Germany!

Mischa Barton covers FHM Germany!

Mischa Barton is single and is open for all possibilities!

Zac Efron's 2010 Calendar photos revealed!


Zac Efron's Calendar 2010 outtakes revealed!

The year for calendars 2010 are already in the works for the Hollywood Hunk Zac Efron!

Click on the images to enlarge!

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