Monday, March 5, 2012

Taylor Kitsch referred to wrong country not the Philippines!

Taylor Kitsch movie John Carter will be shown in Philippine cinemas nationwide on March 9, and the Philippine official now wants the actor to correct the wrong on an interview on David Letterman Show where David asked him about his experience in his travel to the Philippines!

The Philippine immigration officials went out of their way to investigate the matter, but they found out that Taylor Kitsch was never in the Philippines as their record shows. The film Taylor said was actually shot in a different country, in Indonesia.

Now the Philippine official are mulling to write to the actor to retract what he said since it tainted a good record that they have in their office.

"I feel confident that Mr. Kitsch was mistaken in saying that his bad experience during his travel was in the Philippines," Bureau of Customs commissioner Ruffy Biazon said in his report, published on the website of local television station ABS-CBN.

Authorities had found no customs or immigration records of Kitsch's visit, Biazon said.

Also, the Philippine government had not given any permits for location shooting for the Oliver Stone-directed "Savages", contrary to the actor's suggestion.

Biazon said he learnt some scenes in the upcoming film, also starring John Travolta and Uma Thurman, were actually recently filmed in Indonesia, the Philippines' neighbour to the south.

"Unfortunately, the damage was done.... In the meantime, Mr. Kitsch, perhaps you can help us redeem our lost pride," Biazon wrote.

Watch the video being referred to below:


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