Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch Iwa Moto interview on Jodi Sta. Maria full video!

Iwa Moto who is now happy with her new relationship with Pampi Lacson has just come out on TV and spills the beans on Jodi Sta. Maria!

Iwa Moto answers questions in a recent interview about being tagged as  'homewrecker', as we all know Jodi Sta. Maria is separated from husband Pampi, who is currently in relatioship with Iwa for a month now.

She revealed that she went into relationship with Pampi knowing that the two ahave long been separated and she knows the truth why the couple separated.

She further revealed that Jodi Sta. Maria cheated on Pampi first with her boyfriend Mickey Ablan two years ago. She  even confronted Jodi about the issue two years ago after she discovered the alleged affair with her then boyfriend, Mickey Ablan but Jodi denied the allegation. She also added that that she confronted Pampi Lacson about the affair of her wife and boyfrien then but she was surprised he knew what was happening.

She said she finally speaks up now because they put her in the bad light as the other woman, but the fact is the marriage of Pampi and Jodi already ended long before they started into a relationship.

Watch the full interview below:


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