Thursday, March 5, 2009

Helena Christensen is on the cover of InStyle!

Helena Christensen is on the cover of InStyle April 2009!

Excerpts from the interview:

We see you like your food…
“Oh my God, I’m obsessed! It takes up 75 per cent of my brain. I cook every day for my son and even if I’m going out for dinner, I’ll have a bite of what I made for him and then be like, ‘Oh, there’s three hours left until dinner’, and, suddenly, I’ve eaten a whole bowl.”

Does being a single mum make it harder to date?
“I think it’s a good thing actually. Because your child is your first priority, you’re more selective, so in order to let someone into that world, they have to be really special You cut out the bullshit that you might fall for if you didn’t have responsibilities.”

Is it true that you’ve never lived with a man?
“I’ve never lived with anyone except my son.”

Not even his father?
“No, because my life is travel, so it just happened that way. It’s not like I set out to live like that, but now it would be a big thing to move in with somebody. I’m used to my own place, my own things. But you know, if I met the right person, I’m sure I’d be like, ‘Move in tomorrow, put your things everywhere’. That would probably work for a while and then I’d need a bit of balance!”

If you did meet the right man, do you think you’d try for more children?
“Oh yeah. Though it’s so amazing what I have. I look at my child and think, if me and his father could create this, what else could you create?”

You’ve been out with some gorgeous musicians and actors – are you attracted to creative types?
“It’s really about what circles you move in. There’s just a bigger chance of me running into someone in the entertainment business. I don’t have anything against meeting a cool, funny doctor or lawyer, it just hasn’t really happened. It’d be good to have a doctor in the house!”

How was turning 40 [Helena’s birthday was on Christmas Day]?
“Age in itself doesn’t freak me out. I’m in better shape than I was at 25 because I’m actually doing something physical, which I never did until two years ago because I was way too lazy. I’m still really lazy about it. I try to go boxing twice a week and I run, but after exactly 21 minutes, I’m ready to lie down and vomit. I’m super-lucky with my metabolism. I eat more than anyone I know, so I have to be realistic – that might not always be the situation. That’s why I chose really intense training. It was a question of, if I want to continue eating that much, I need to balance it out.”

Check out the April issue of InStyle for more info!

And here is the rest of it.


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