Sunday, July 24, 2011

'Cinderella' Ruffa gets her shoes back from honest cabbie, thanks to DZMM!

Just like Cinderella, Ruffa Gutierrez finally got her happy ending after taxi driver Ariel Dalangin personally returned her missing shoes last July 20 through the program Aksyon Ngayon on DZMM.

Ariel sought help from DZMM last July 19 after discovering six pairs of shoes, which were unintentionally left on the backseat of his taxi by Ruffa’s personal assistant. In return, Ruffa gave the driver a hug and a personalized card. She said, ‘I hope this small reward will be able to help you and I hope other drivers will follow your lead.’ The program’s anchors Kaye Dacer and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim also handed Ariel a special gift that he can use in his line of work.

Ruffa said she’s deeply grateful to Ariel and DZMM for paving the way for her finding the shoes, which she clarified are worth $4,000 and not P400,000. ‘Even if you can buy these things again it is important to at least make an effort of finding them. My shoes are important in my work, that is why I invest a lot in them,’ she explained. According to Ruffa, it was her first visit to ABS-CBN in 16 months.


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