Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mind Master exhibits superhero powers!

In tonight’s episode of GMA 7’s Mind Master, Nomer Lasala performs his “super mentalist powers” on three Kapuso ladies. Like the power of X-Men’s Night Crawler, Nomer performs mind teleportation on Solenn Heussaff, whom he has long wanted to meet and invite to his show.

 Will he impress the sultry Solenn? In another act, the Pinoy mentalist uses a power ring, just like that of the Green Lantern, to project the images in the mind of Isabelle Daza. How can Nomer give physical form to Isabelle’s thoughts using mentalism? Nomer also uses his own version of Superman’s X-Ray vision on Alex de Rossi, who gets caught off-guard upon experiencing Nomer’s extraordinary ability.

 Lastly, the mind master’s mentor, David Elefant, performs another stunt similar to Professor X’s telekinesis.

 Mind Master airs every Sunday after Kap’s Amazing Stories.


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