Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ted Bundy’s DNA Profile Entered Into FBI Database!

In an effort to hopefully bring closure to unsolved cases, notorious killer Ted Bundy‘s DNA will be added to the FBI’s national database today. Before he was executed in 1989, Bundy claimed he had committed more than 30 murders, but at the time the DNA profile couldn’t be made without blood.

The blood was drawn from Bundy in Florida in 1978, according to The News Tribune in Tacoma, when the notorious killer was taken into custody in connection with the death of a 12-year-old girl in Columbia County.
Investigators in Tacoma, Washington, working on a cold case Bundy was a suspect in, alerted officials in Florida to the presence of the vial. Officials in Florida “were really surprised” to discover the vial, according to David Coffman, a forensic services chief with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
Law enforcement agencies nationwide will be contacted once the DNA is uploaded into the national database.
Bundy, the self-described “the most cold-blooded son of a b***h you’ll ever meet,” was killed via electric chair in Florida in 1989 in connection with a 1979 conviction in the death of two college students in the Sunshine State, in addition to one for raping and murdering a 12-year-old girl there, as well.


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