Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sam Milby: Alta OUT, Holywood IN!

Sam Milby will be out of country from February of 2012 and that he will be there for 3 months to  be a part of a US TV show!

This means that he will skip doing his role in Alta and will concentrate more on his new found career in the US. He is also set to decline a movie pairing him with Bea Alonzo.

Sam Posted on his twittter account yesterday, November 9:

"Well the meetings in NYC [New York City] went great and now I'll be in the States starting Feb next year for a minimum of 3 months." 

"But sadly I won't be doing 'Alta' or the movie with Bea because I'll be gone for so long." "Been reading all ur tweets... thanks everyone :) I know its a good risk. And ill still be busy for the 3 months before i leave."

Congratulations Sam!


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