Sunday, July 25, 2010

Krissy & Ericka duo attracts foreign market!

This is true for YouTube phenomenon Krissy & Ericka, whose music has won admirers abroad, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia. An amusing footnote to this triumph is that foreigners usually wonder about the girls’ nationality. It gives them a distinct, if not mysterious, appeal.

To Krissy & Ericka’s credit, the two proudly state they are “sisters from the Philippines” when asked about their country of origin.

“We’re proud to be Filipinos. We’re glad that people are showing interest in our music and our background,” says Krissy, who is just 10 months younger than her sister Ericka.

The group, who front acted for Owl City during the latter’s Manila gig last summer, has put out its self-titled debut album under MCA Music with English tracks (originals and covers) that harken to how international sensation M2M sound. To spice up the comparison, they have a version of the Norwegian duo’s hit, “Don’t Say You Love Me.”

The track is the third to get radio airplay after the album’s carrier single “Up Up, Down Down,” a likable piece penned by topnotch crooner Richard Poon; and “Runaway,” originally by The Corrs. In the album, Krissy and Ericka also wrote a couple of songs: “Surf’s Up” and “Hope For Humanity.”

For them to write about “Hope For Humanity” is proof that despite their young age, they go beyond listening to the music of Taylor Swift and having a big crush on Justin Bieber. Truth is, they’ve even spearheaded a youth-oriented, fund-raising concert in the aftermath of the Ondoy floods last year.

Krissy, who looks like a K-pop star rather than a stereotypical Pinay teen sensation, points out, “We’re still in teenage mode but we do think about the environment.”

While busy promoting their music, both highschoolers have found an extra gig; that is, taping for an upcoming TV musical where they are cast as sisters. The sisters have acted previously in school plays.

Source: Yugel Losorata, Manila Bulletin


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