Sunday, May 19, 2013

Confirmed: AiAi delas Alas left Jed Salang 29 days after Las Vegas wedding!

AiAi delas Alas and Jed Salang was married in Las Vegas last April 28 and now AiAi confirmed that she left Jed last May 2!

AiAi, 48 and Jed, 28 got married in Las Vegas after undergoing a rough time in their relationship. Now after rumors that surfaced that they are now separated, AiAi confirmed the rumor to be true.

After 29 days of being together, AiAi decided to leave husband. The reason was that she is physically abused by the younger husband and she believes that he does not really love her.

This could be the shortest marriage in Philippine entertainment history.

Watch the full interview below:


Anonymous said...

to ai-ai i really appreciate you for being brave enogh so say and tell every thing that happend when u got married nd after youre married to jed salang whos after to youre money and every u have. thats why it would be the lesson to all of as women that we should be contented of what gods gives us our family and children who loves as most and thanks to miss ai-ai

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