Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jed Salang will finally speak-up on his side of the story on "The Buzz" this Sunday!

Jed Salang is under hot water after his ex-wife AiAi delas Alas of 29 days has spoken on "The Buzz" last Sunday!
Now it is his turn to share his side of the story with Boy Abunda as the interviewer. What do you think will he say?

Photo: Jed Salang Chevrolet Camaro

The P3-million worth Chevrolet Camaro is the husband gift of Ai-Ai delas Alas' to estranged husband Jed Salang before they separation
The photo collage screenshot was taken from Jed's now deactivated Instagram account (jed_salang8) with caption  “Ty baby for the husband gift ilove u so much...New car new shoes...Meet BUGSY CAMIL!
The vehicle was returned to AiAi, delivered to her house by Jed's father!


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