Sunday, May 5, 2013

Paulo Avelino and LJ Reyes Over?!

Rumors are very strong and indications are there that partners Paulo Avelino and LJ Reyes are over!

In a recent interview, Paulo was asked by a reporter not about his relationship with LJ, but about his son with the sexy starlet on how he spent his time with him.  But he did not like to answer the question, so the reporter did a follow up on the same question but still he declined to answer.

It is very known that during any press conference where he is to be interviewed, that a question about his relationship with LJ and about his son is not to be asked. The handler even went out of the way to asked the reporter to erase what has been recorded on the incident.

I just wonder why? Do you get the connection?

Now a very reliable source said that the two are now separated for good because of irreconcilable differences.


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