Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vicki and Hayden can't stay away from each other?

Doctor to the stars Vicki Belo and ex-boyfriend Hayden Kho Jr. can’t seem to keep their promise to stay away from each other.

The ex-couple made a pact not to see or speak to each other for five months. Their agreement started Jan.1 and should have lasted until May 20, Hayden’s birthday.

But only a month after making the declaration public, Vicki and Hayden were seen together partying at Encore Bar (formerly known as Embassy, the bar co-owned by eventologist Tim Yap) in Taguig City.

Vicki and Hayden were obviously enjoying the night, with eyes glued only to each other, a source told Manila Bulletin Entertainment Online. They didn't seem to be hiding their "rendezvous" then, since a couple of party goers even got to pose for a picture with them.

In an interview a few weeks ago, Vicki said she has severed all forms of communication between her and Hayden.

“No texting, no calling, no seeing, zero anything,” she told Butch Francisco on “Startalk.”

“We will meet other people, we will date other people, we will talk to other people, but we will not say boyfriend ko na ‘to or girlfriend na niya ‘to until May 20 para naman may respeto sa isa’t-isa,” she added.

Vicki’s relationship with Hayden is an on-and-off affair that had the two suffering their fair share of heartaches.

The straw that broke the camel’s back--or should've--is the "Hayden Cam Scandal."

Last year, the cosmetic doctor found out through common friends that Hayden had been having affairs. Proof of the affairs are contained in the hard drive of the doctor's computer—the content of which became public thereafter.

Although she announced that she had broken up with Hayden, a few weeks later, they were seen together in a pilgrimage in Batangas.

May of last year, the couple was seen boarding an airplane bound for Japan.

Both denied the allegations.

Source: Alex Valentin Brosas, Manila Bulletin


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