Friday, March 22, 2013

After James Yap cried a bucket, Kris Aquino cried a river as an answer!

The circus that is Kris Aquino - James Yap spilling dirt on television has just gotten overboard!

James Yap was first seen on TV crying a bucket on the case filed by Aquino, a Permanent Protection Order and denied her accusations and said that Aquino threatened him in return. 

Now it is Kris Aquino's turn to show up on TV with her sisters in tow ( is it because Noynoy is out of town, just kidding) and told her side of the story and denied what Yap said. And she also said that she will retire this early in showbiz to sacrifice for her son Bimby and live a simple life to protect his privacy.

See the whole interview below:


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