Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Triple treat anime experience in ABS-CBN's "Team Animazing"!

ABS-CBN brings you triple the fun and triple the action on weekday mornings with its new anime shows in its Team Animazing block.
Begin your mornings by keeping up with the ups and downs in the life of bread artisan Kazuma Azuma as he tries to create “Ja-pan,” a national bread for Japan in the cartoon classic “Yakitate Japan” that airs at 9 AM.

The optimistic and talented Azuma shares adventures with his co-workers at the world-famous bakery chain Pantasia in bread-making tournaments. Though he possesses the legendary ‘solar hands’ that are warmer than normal and allow the dough to ferment better and faster, Azuma’s real edge is his creativity. Will Azuma be able to raise the status of Pantasia and create Ja-pan?
From the world of competitive pastry making, “Team Animazing” takes viewers to the unique journey of high school basketball players Kuroko Tetsuya and Kagami Taiga in one of the most successful anime series of 2012, “Kuroko’s Basketball,” airing weekdays at 9:25 AM.
Kuroko and Kagami struggle to take their little-known Seirin High basketball team from obscurity to glory by trying to making it in the national tournament, but they can only do this by defeating all the teams of Kuroko’s celebrated former teammates from middle school, collectively called the “Generation of Miracles,” who are now with different high schools with top basketball teams. Will Kuroko and Kagami be able to take them down one by one?
Meanwhile, join in the thrill of Naruto’s exploits as he continues to protect the good ninjas and his village Konoha in “Naruto Shippuden Season 5,” which airs at 9:50 AM.
In this new season, Naruto is determined to fight one of ninja world's most  deceiving characters Uchiha Madara. Madara is determined to rule the world, and in order to do this, he must hunt down the two remaining tailed beasts to add to the seven he has acquired. One of these two can be found inside the body of a man named Killer B, and the other one is sealed inside Naruto’s body. Will Naruto be able to get stronger in time to face his most vicious villain and stop Madara’s plan of taking over the world?
Don’t miss “Yakitate Japan” at 9 AM, “Kuroko’s Basketball” at 9:25 AM, and “Naruto Shippuden 5,” 9:50 AM, weekdays only on ABS-CBN’s new Team Animazing.


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