Thursday, April 4, 2013

TV5 heats-up Summer with 'Boracay Bodies' Starting April 6!

Summer just got hotter and sexier as TV5, in partnership with Boracay Rum, presents the newest primetime reality show Boracay Bodies which will premiere on April 6 at 9:00PM.

Follow the lives of 8 hottest and irresistible individuals as they spend their summer together in the captivating island of Boracay. Join the party people "The Wiseman" Luke Jickain, "Loverboy " Victor Silayan, "The Jester"Joross Gamboa, "Mr. Boy-Next-Door" Brent Javier, "Ms. Righteous" Wendy Valdez, "The Sweet Girl" Helga Krapf, "Mysterious" Krista Miller and "Diva" Ethel Booba as they set out to complete specific daytime tasks and party at night with Boracay Rum.

The contestants stand the chance to gain points from these exciting activities, which will help determine who wins and who loses each task. Watch for the much-awaited grand party where they compete for the title of Ultimate Party Boy and Ultimate Party Girl and bring home P500,000 cash each courtesy of Boracay Rum.

Who will stand strong in the heat of the show's different challenges? What conflicts will arise and what kind of relationships will form during this 7-day holiday?

Viewers will have to embrace themselves for a more sizzling, more intriguing and more exciting Saturday night as Boracay Bodies premieres on April 6, 9:00PM on TV5.

Make the rest of your summer even hotter with Boracay Rum - smooth, white rum with tropic sweetness of coconut, unique kick of cappuccino, and Melon. Suit the flavour to your mood whether you take it straight, on the rocks or mixed. Capture the island experience, anytime, anywhere with Boracay Rum.


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