Friday, June 18, 2010

Angel Locsin nearly caused traffic jam while waiting for taxi!

Actress Angel Locsin surprised everyone in Cainta when she unabashedly went to the highway to look for a cab.

Last Tuesday, June 15, at past 5 a.m., Locsin had wrapped up work on her first shooting day of her movie with Aga Muhlach, “Huling Sayaw.” She went to her van and immediately changed clothes. She was raring to go home, as she was already tired from the day’s work.

But she was told that her van had malfunctioned and had to be inspected by her driver. She waited for a few minutes, but she apparently got impatient. It was then that Locsin hit the highway.

And before the staff could even prevent her from doing so, she was already flagging down taxis that come. But she had no luck, as cabs came very few and occupied. It was past 5 a.m. then and because of her presence in the highway, the actress reportedly nearly caused a traffic snarl because jeepneys stopped upon seeing her. She just waved and smiled at fans who saw her.

Not a few commuters were stunned to see Locsin waiting for a taxi on the highway. Many bus and jeepney passengers were surprised at the mere sight of the actress in simple get up (T-shirt and shorts).

A production staff offered Locsin a ride, and so did director Olive Lamasan. But when she was about to hitch a ride with the staff, Locsin’s driver said her van was already okay.

Anyway, the unassuming Locsin earned the respect of the extras in the shooting. The actress was accommodating and even obliged to pose with some of them and sign autographs.

Also, Locsin did a superb job in her first scene, which involved pole dancing. It only took her one take to come up with a perfect delivery. She was clad in a one-piece suit during her dance sequence.

Locsin underwent rigid training in pole dancing before doing the scene. She got bruised during the training, but professional that she is, she didn’t mind it at all.

One extra was overheard to have said, “Ang bait pala ni Angel. Hindi siya maarte.”

“Huling Sayaw” marks Locsin’s first time to work with former matinee idol Aga Muhlach. They will fly to Japan next week to shoot some scenes there.

Source: Alex Valentin Brosoa, Manila Bulletin


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