Friday, June 18, 2010

Vicki Belo slept with an O.

Heard: DJ Mo did it again. On his “Good Times with Mo” interview June 16 over radio station 89.9 Magic FM, Mo was able to squeeze out from Dr. Vicki Belo how many men she had slept with (six), and if she had slept with another celebrity other than Dr. Hayden Kho (yes). Holding her horses this time, Belo refused to name him, but offered a clue.

He looked just like Hayden, she said. Before stepping out of the radio booth, Belo was prevailed upon by a persistent Mo to give him a clue, a letter in his name. Letter “O,” she hollered on the way out. “I knew it,” screamed an exultant DJ Mo. “Diether Ocampo?!,” he blurted out. Crystalle Belo Henares, who accompanied her mother to the interview, said she didn’t know about that, but admitted Vicki and Diether had been close.

Heard: In the same radio interview, Belo’s daughter Crystalle, was just as frank. Asked how many men she had known in bed, Crystalle said three. Which among them had the biggest wang? The lady demurred, so Mo turned to Crystalle’s escort, her current boyfriend, who’s part-Lebanese. He asked him how big he was and he retorted, without batting an eyelash, “Eight!” Hahaha.


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