Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gabby Concepcion took three takes in duet with Sharon Cuneta!

Former matinee idol Gabby Concepcion got so conscious that it took him three takes to perfect his part for the much-awaited duet with his former wife, Sharon Cuneta.

Gabby taped his two-part episode Monday, June 7 for “Sharon,” the Megastar's Sunday talk show. The actor arrived at 10 p.m. while Sharon came at 8 p.m. Director Johnny Manahan and Mariole Alberto of Star Magic accompanied Gabby to Sharon's dressing room where they exchanged short greetings. Sharon and Gabby were called for the taping a few minutes later.
Gabby and Sharon, together with their daughter KC Concepcion, were to perform the theme song of Gabby and KC, “I’ll Be There.” As soon as the cameras started grinding, however, Gabby's tongue stuck in his throat, so to speak, and they had to repeat his part several times to get it right.
During the repartee, KC shared several anecdotes.
One time, she was with dad Gabby at his beach house in Anilao when a minor accident befell her: a piece of glass cut her lower lip. Gabby got worried that Sharon might freak out so he asked KC to extend her vacation for another three days to give time for the wound to heal.
Another time, KC saved her dad Gabby during a jetski expedition. In the middle of the sea, Gabby’s jetski malfunctioned and it was the 8-year-old KC who called for help.
In the interview, it was also revealed that Sharon and Gabby used coded messages to say I love you to each other. Since there was no beeper or pager or cellphone back then, the former couple would say ‘I love you’ by saying ‘10 20’ using a two-way radio.
Gabby’s guest appearance on “Sharon,” his first since he arrived in Manila, was in line with the promotion of the movie “I’ll Be There” where he stars with his daughter KC for the first time.

Source: Alex Valentin Brosas, Manila Bulletin


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