Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Krista says ‘it’s over’ between her and unnamed lover!

Without naming anyone, Krista Ranillo confessed that, “Yes, it’s over!” between her and a lover.

Krista answered “between the lines” about what became of the relationship in columnist Ricky Lo’s article published on The Philippine Star on June 21. Although they have “called it quits,” Krista maintained she and her lover have gained closure.

Married man Manny Pacquiao was rumored to have an illicit affair with the controversial starlet last year. The two denied such a relationship existed despite reports of their sightings together here and abroad. At the time, Manny and Krista were shooting for the Metro Manila Film Festival entry, “Wapakman,” and so, some speculated that it could also be just a publicity stunt.

January this year, Krista flew to the US, leaving a lot of intrigue behind. These included rumors regarding Krista's pregnancy, and specualtion regarding the origin of the capital she used for her business.

In Lo's article, and for the nth time, Krista denied all these allegations.

With everything she had been through because of and with her unnamed lover (whom she and Lo referred to in the article as "he" or "him"), the 25-year old actress related a couple of lessons she had learned:

“Number one, never stop believing in yourself. Sometimes, even if you know that the public perception of who you are or what you are wrong, it can get to you; naa-apektuhan ka rin naman...

“Number two, lahat ng nadadapa ay nakakatayo din naman. You learn to value the important things in life, like your family, your faith, character development, mga ganoon... number three, have faith in God.”

Krista said she is now living a “happy” and “stress-free” life in the US with her family. Albeit she misses showbiz, Krista opted to retreat from the spotlight and concentrate on her clothing business with her cousin David Tupaz. The Atenean Interdisciplinary Studies graduate is also planning to take up Law in the near future.

Her heart is in high spirits, too, thanks to her new boyfriend-slash-childhood sweetheart whom she met again in the States. “We met again at a right time,” she said.

She has two words to summarize the controversial year that was 2009: “Time passes.”

Source: Rowena Joy Sanchez, Manila Bulletin


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