Thursday, March 14, 2013

AiAi de las Alas and Marian Rivera in one hilarious and action filled movie "Kung Fu Divas"!

Who would ever imagine that the reigning divas of the two biggest television networks in the country will unite together in one hilarious and action-packed movie?

Ai-Ai de las Alas and Marian Rivera made it all possible, thanks to direk Onat Diaz’s "Kung Fu Divas." Produced by Reality Entertainment and The O&Co Picture Factory, Inc., the movie is set to hit theaters in October.

"Kung Fu Divas" is considered an ambitious project not only because Ai-Ai and Marian team up for the first time in this gargantuan movie but also because it showcases the use of cutting-edge technology to visually capture the lead stars’ escapades that cross the borders between reality and fantasy.

The trailer of the highly-anticipated movie has been released in cinemas and online. It features Ai-Ai and Marian competing in a barangay beauty pageant called Hiyas ng Dalampasigan.

The two beauty rivals clash on stage while exchanging lethal comic punches and acerbic comments like, (Marian) “Te, mukhang nagkamali ka yata ng sinalihan. Ang sabi, beauty queen hindi ugly queen.” (Ai-Ai), “Okay, let’s fight for this crown.”

Their fight for the crown and glory becomes intense that they eventually decide to battle it out through a kung fu match. Expect several fighting styles of the Chinese martial arts to be featured in the movie. Who will reign between the two aspiring beauties in the end? We will find out soon.

Ai-Ai plus Marian equals double fun and riot. Expect only pure entertainment as they unleash their comic talents and hilarious antics on the big screen soon in "Kung Fu Divas."


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