Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cristalle Henares on being linked with Derek Ramsay: "Pareho naman kaming single 'di ba?"

Derek Ramsay have been seen constantly with Cristalle Henares in mostly out of town trips and now she is being linked with the actor!

Cristalle's mother celebrity doctor Vicki Belo has no problem about actor Derek Ramsay being romantically linked to her daughter, but said further that tere is nothing romantic between the two.
This is what Cristalle said on the issue:
“Derek and I have been working together also dahil siya din ang isang endorser namin. Baka naisip lang ng tao na baka may nangyayari kasi parati kaming nagkikita, pero wala talaga.” 
On the rumor that there is more than friendship between them:
“Hindi naman ako showbiz, hindi naman ako sanay dito. At least sa amin, between us, we know the truth. There’s nothing wrong being linked to each other, pareho naman kaming single, ‘di ba? Wala namang naapektuhan na iba.”


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