Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Get to know Star Magic Circle 2013: Jerome Ponce!

  • AGE: 17
  • BIRTHDAY: June 4
  • HEIGHT: 5’10
  • WEIGHT: 143 Lbs
  • HAIR: Black
  • EYES: Black
  • HOBBIES: playing computer, basketball, soccer, table tennis and volleyball
  • TALENTS: acting and dancing

Jerome Ponce attempted to be a PBB teen housemate twice but fate instead led him to a go-see of the now hit afternoon drama "Be Careful with My Heart." Now popularly known as Sir Chief's firstborn, Luke, he fondly remembers his audition for the show. The 17-year-old says the show's staff called him up, not to inform him if he passed, but to inform him of their taping schedule. He had to memorize his script in 10 minutes. Jerome says he wants to give showbiz a chance and postponed his collegiate studies at the Mapua University. He shares that he likes making people smile and he likes the acknowledgement one gets in the business aside from the fame and the lifestyle. Jerome wants to maintain the “good boy” image he has on "Be Careful with My Heart" but says he eventually wants to take on more versatile roles. He adds that he feels lucky to be part of Star Magic and hopefully become a serious actor in the years to come.


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