Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Pinoy Stars visited by the stork!

THE stork was busy in 2009. Those who were visited by the stork were:
  • Mylene Dizon (had her second son sired by Paolo Paraiso in Chicago), 
  • Vina Morales (had a daughter, Ceanna, and later broke up with the baby's dad who's legally married to someone else), 

  • Jenny Salimao (wife of Vandolph Quizon), 
  • Dawn Zulueta (a baby girl after having a boy before), 
  • Cheska Garcia (a baby girl), Jaya (a baby boy), and
  •  Angelika de la Cruz (a baby boy then she had a church wedding in Tagaytay with husband Orion Casereo on Dec. 4).


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