Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tiger Woods and wife Elin on the cooover of "Life & Style"!

At the center of bitter split between golf legend Tiger Woods and his humiliated wife, Elin, are the couple’s two innocent young children — daughter Sam, 2, and son Charlie, 10 months. As someone who’s lived through a similar nightmare, Ivana Trump says Tiger and Elin should be grateful their children are too young to comprehend the extent of their father’s cheating — or a potential battle over their custody. “Thank heavens they’re too young to really understand what’s happening,” Ivana tells Life & Style. “They can’t read, and they won’t be watching the TV coverage.”

“Tiger knows Elin is planning to divorce him,” an insider in the golfer’s camp tells Life & Style. “He’s trying to come to terms with it.” And when Elin leaves, she appears determined to take the kids with her. Elin has decided to seek full custody and bring up the children without their father’s involvement, new reports say. Several other reports have suggested that once her split from Tiger becomes official, Elin may want to take the kids home to her native Sweden, perhaps as early as this holiday season. And if that’s what she wants, it’s likely she’ll be able to. “What normally happens is that the judge rules that [the mother] can go wherever she likes as long as it doesn’t cut the father out of the children’s life and make visitation difficult for him,” celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder tells Life & Style.

Still, the next several months could get rocky for them since Tiger’s not about to let his kids go without a fight. Quietly, the golf star “has been exploring his legal options about keeping his children in the state of Florida,” the insider says of Tiger’s intent to fight for the children.


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