Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kris Aquino talks about her first Christmas without mom Cory Aquino!

Kris Aquino opened up about her first Christmas without mom Cory Aquino who died last August 1. “’Yung feelingtalaga, ibang-iba pala ang Christmas‘pag walang central person taking care of the occasion.” The actress-host added that she and her four siblings—Ballsy, Noynoy, Pinky and Viel—were not excited about the holiday. “It’s a blessing also that we are so busy. So you don’t feel it (the loss) so much. But ‘yung feeling na nagpasahan… ‘Yung Noche Buena kasi parangnobody was excited about it, so ako inako ko na lang and then potluck.”

Four months after former president Aquino lost her battle against cancer, Kris revealed that the feeling of loss is still fresh. “And then my sister Pinky was saying na ‘pag titingin daw siya sa garden,minsan sinasabi daw niya, ‘Mom magparamdam ka naman.’ And a part of her also feels, ‘O sige huwag na lang,’ kasi mag-isa lang siya.

“You can’t help it, eh. Kapag nawala ‘yung mom may instances talaga na before, there was someone making the decision and everyone would follow. Pero now, siyempre lima kami [and] lahat kami strong-willed about a lot of decisions,” Kris said.

But Kris revealed a mysterious incident that gave them a sense of hope. An old text message from her old cell phone and old SIM number inexplicably appeared in her new cell phone. The said message was the one she sent to all her siblings four months ago when their mom was still confined in the hospital. The host said that she believed that it is a message from her mom, reminding them to take care of each other. “Feeling koif you have suffered loss also and there are moments talaga na hinahanap-hanap mo ‘yung taong mahal na mahal mo, gagawa at gagawa ng paraan talaga para maabot ka,” she explained.

Kris also said that she and her siblings are proud that their mom was featured again in the latest edition of Time Magazine. “We get happy about it because we know at least may kabuluhan ‘yung buong buhay niya. Siyempre ako, I speak [and] I think on behalf of my siblings, ang hirap-hirap magpaka-happy sa Christmas because nga wala [ang mom].”

Source: Bernie Franco


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