Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year resolutions for top celebrities!

CESAR MONTANO: “To kiss my wife each morning I wake up and whisper to her ear, ‘I love you’.”
SUNSHINE CRUZ: “To be able to wake up earlier than Buboy so I could prepare yummy breakfast for him every morning.”

KIM CHUI: “To share my blessings with the less fortunate and not to be late for work.”
DIETHER OCAMPO: “To leave the bitter past behind and take only the valuable lessons so I can enjoy the present while looking forward to the future.”
RUFA MAE QUINTO: “I will simplify my life by striving to make it intrigue-free and strengthen my relationship with the Lord.”
MIRIAM QUIAMBAO: “To be more grateful, positive and joyful. I wanna be healthier so I aim to exercise regularly and take up running as a sport. I also aim to to be more punctual and give my best in my career, business and relationships.”
EUGENE DOMINGO: “For the nth time, my New Year’s resolution is to go sporty and stay fit!”
ALFRED VARGAS: “I will strive for better time management.”
LUKE MEJARES: “I will try to get seven hours of sleep daily.”
PHOEMELA BARANDA: “To be more focused on my goals. I also aim to have a healthier lifestyle.”
CRISTINE REYES: “Never to be late anymore for my appointments.”
JON AVILA: “To have more time for church.”
BENJIE PARAS: “I will try to improve on the things that will help me in my career and in being a good family man.”
KITKAT: “To become a morning person by waking up earlier so I can do more things.”
BAYANI AGBAYANI: “Less wine and more exercise.”
PAOLO SANTOS: “Save! According to my father-in-law, don’t buy what you don’t need and don’t need what you can’t buy.”

Source:By Dolly Anne Carvajal,Philippine Daily Inquirer


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