Friday, January 22, 2010

Christopher and Gladys dispute over love scene!

Christopher Roxas, Gladys Reyes’ better half, flared up when he learned that his wife is set to do a love scene with Derek Ramsay in "Habang May Buhay."
Christopher did not hesitate to make his sentiments felt on cam while Gladys was being interviewed on “Showbiz News Ngayon,” which aired January 20.

In the interview, the actress was seen explaining the intimate scene to a reporter.
After explaining that it had not been shot yet, she assured fans that it received a green light from her husband.
“Wala naman sa kanya 'yon. Artista siya kaya alam niya ang mga eksenang gano’n,” Gladys said.
Christopher, who was seated beside her, was quick to make disapproval known. “Hindi ko alam,” said he.
Insistent, Gladys explained, “Hindi, sabi ko nga ‘di ba, alam naman niya iyon. Alam ko naman ang limitasyon ko.”
This answer seemed to agitate Christopher more, who then said, “Gawin mo. Artista ka pala, eh, ‘di gawin mo. Umuwi ka sa sarili mong bahay.”
Unperturbed, Gladys explained that the love scene is not as sizzling as it sound.
“Hindi, hindi naman ganoon ka-grabe. Hindi naman siyempre katulad ng ginagawa ng bata. Iba naman. Siyempre, sabi ko nga, more matured ‘yon,” she said.
Christopher, who seethed in anger, was not one to be easily appeased. “Eh, ‘di gawin mo. Gawin mo,” he said threateningly.

Source: Alex Valentin Brosas,


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