Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robin Padilla admits it: he is one hundred percent single!

Last Tuesday (January 12) at Sharon Cuneta’s birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum, action star Robin Padilla made a rather shocking revelation. After relaying his warm birthday greetings to the one and only Megastar, he finally uttered the long overdue confession; he publicly declared, “Binata ako.

At last, people heard the confirmation from Robin himself: his marriage with Liezl Sicangco is officially over. Apparently, actor had managed to remain silent for years regarding this matter. Even with showbiz writer Ricky Lo’s expository article late last year, Robin was able to maintain a low profile by insistently keeping his mouth shut whenever faced with the same old question.

But now that the cards have been shown, Robin finally braves the controversy with a smile on his face. In an exclusive interview with SNN, he finally shares the real score behind his choice to keep silent—which is basically his continuous lingering to the thought that he’s still a married man. He further explains, “E syempre, nangangapa-ngapa pa kasi matagal na panahon na hindi [ako single].”

And though he had finally made his current civil status public, Robin still opts to hold his peace with regard to intricate details of the said split up. As of now, he says that he’s just pretty contented with the fact that he and Liezl managed to stay friends.

Source: Heidi Anicete,


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