Friday, January 22, 2010

‘What’s wrong with sex?’ – Mocha Uson

Sexy performer Mocha Uson is pissed off at what she called her “haters”---Facebook users who had her profile shut down on Jan. 12 for alleged obscene content.
In her Jan. 10 blog entry, Mocha wrote: “there was no exposure at all -- no nipples, no areolas!” because if there was such, “I would understand and remove them.”
“And besides nudity in art is not indecent exposure!”
She sought re-activation of her disabled account, which had over 15,000 fans.
However, the social networking site seemingly ignored her request, hence the creation of a new one on Jan. 17, much to the salivating delight of her predominantly male fan base.

Known not only for her daring pictorials and videos but also her sharp, upfront remarks via her personal virtual space, the controversial sexy star vented her disdain over “narrow-minded people [who] have outdated views and expect everyone else to follow them and if they don’t, they resent them.”
The lead member of the all-girl group Mocha Girls wishes that “there were more open-minded people out there.”
She continued: “People that understand mental illness without judgment (Cebu Pacific staff [was] really stupid for discriminating a child with Down’s Syndrome). People that understand homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality without judgement. I think this world will be such a better place if more people were open-minded.”
Open-minded enough to talk about sex, too---a topic which Mocha deems necessary.
“What’s wrong with sex? It’s more stupid not to talk about it,” she argued on her Jan. 18 blog post.
For Mocha, sex education is important to reduce increasing birth rates in the country.
“The Philippines has the worst poverty problem in Southeast Asia and yet we have soaring birth rates. Hypocrites refuse to educate the youth about the sexual human anatomy, sexual intercourse, and reproductive health. They don’t offer sex education in schools since it remains a controversial issue.
“What’s wrong with penis? What’s wrong with vagina? Would you rather let the youth get education from the streets, Internet, and tabloids?” she wrote.
She added that the home can and should provide a good foundation for teenagers in order to be knowledgeable and responsible of sex.
“Some people believe that there’s no place like home for sex education. The problem is that most teens are not comfortable talking to their parents about sex,” she said.
Aside from haters, Mocha also found out that someone is attempting to steal her identity on Facebook.
“This is the impostor profile! Please don't add this. Please report this fake profile, thanks guys! mwah! :-*,” she posted on her FB Wall.
Only five days since its creation, her fan page has attracted over 2,800 subscribers.

Source: Rowena Joy A. Sanchez,


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