Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kristine Hermosa finally reveals real score between her and Oyo Boy Sotto!

The end of actress Kristine Hermosa’s primetime teleserye Dahil May Isang Ikaw may have saddened her ever beloved fans; but with her surprising confirmation regarding the real deal between her and actor Oyo Boy Sotto, it seems that there are far more reasons for her supporters to celebrate

In an exclusive interview with SNN, Kristine once and for all braves the controversy relentlessly linking her to Oyo. After several months of hiding behind the “we’re just friends” cliché, Kristine finally found the guts to go upfront regarding the real score on their boards. Without hesitation, she admits that her friendship with the lad has finally gone up a notch, thus a prospected love life can actually be expected, when the right time comes. She explains it herself, “Still the same, we’re friends, pero alam ko... Kasi alam ko dati di ko masabi, pero ngayon masasagot ko na. May mapupuntahan na.”

In line with this development, Kristine also relates that she had somehow grown closer with Oyo’s family; in fact, close enough to get her invited to their home for an intimate Christmas feast. Apparently, given a rather busy schedule at hand, Kristine had to spend the recent Christmas away from her own family; but with a truly warm welcome from Oyo’s family, she is truly glad that she has been spared of celebrating the merry season in vain


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